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About International Translators

translations from English and to EnglishInternational Translators is an international network of professional translators operated by the Austria based translation and tourism office City Tours Europe. Relying upon a large network of freelance translators across Europe, we provide translation service for various language combinations including translations from most european languages to English and from English to many languages as well as bi-directional translations between foreign languages.

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International Translators
c/o City Tours GmbH
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A-1070 Vienna
Fon: +43 1 966 02 61

Types of translations proposed by International Translators

The team of International Translators is aware that different translations require different approaches, and that the finesse of a translation must not always be the same. For instance, it would be a waste of time and money to deliver a literary translation when the customer only wants to know the content of a document. On the other hand, it would be a shame not to invest every possible effort into a translation that is meant to be published for representative purposes.

In the interest of our customers, our translators do therefore offer various options when it comes to the way a translation is produced. This way, you can order exactly the translation you really need: quick and superficial translations for everyday use at an interesting price, standard translations for business use and communication purposes, and in-depth translations for technical, legal or literary purposes. And whatever type of translation you order with International Translators, we do always guarantee you a fair and adequate price.

Available types of translations with International Translators

International Translators proposes the following types of translations:

  1. Translation draft: For lower expectations towards the result of the translation, we offer the "translation draft". Basically, this means that our translators run through the text only once. We do of course - as in all our translations - apply every possible care, but we don't bother with developing a perfect style and expression. In other words: what you get is a professionally made translation, but without the "final touch". Translation drafts can be produced much quicker than standard or elaborate translations and can be offered at a much lower price. This type of translation therefore ideally suits the needs of a customer who is interested in understanding a foreign language text for his or her private use, but who does not want to publish the translation in any way.
  2. Standard translation: when a translator produces a translation, he or she usually works in several steps. The first step is the elaboration of a translation draft (see above), which is then re-checked line per line, phrase by phrase, allowing the translator to improve his or her original thoughts and to create a well-rounded, nicely put text that can be used for publication or other business purposes. Our team of translators will gladly provide you such "standard translations" in every possible field, processing the original text with great care in order to achieve a translation that could just as well be a text originally written in the target language. Standard translations are executed by one translator only, usually by a translator who works towards his native language. This type of translation is what most translation bureaus think of when they simply propose you a "translation" without further specification.
  3. Double-checked translation: based upon the same procedure applied to the production of "standard translations", the team of International Translators is ready to take the next step in quality for you and to submit the translation to an additional control by a second, strictly native language translator. The second translator will in this case work over the translation produced by the first translator, not bothering about the comparison between original and translated text (which is already ascertained by the first translator), but focussing exclusively on further ameliorating style and expression of the translated text. This translation type suits the needs of customers who need a really well-turned and carefully redacted text, e.g. for marketing purposes, for representation or for publication on a website.
  4. Technical translation: a technical translation is essentially a double-checked translation, but in a special field that requires accurate background research and detailed understanding of the matter. We talk about "technical translations" for example when it comes to user's manuals, technical documentation of machines and devices, medical texts or legal texts of any kind. With International Translators, a technical translation undergoes four work steps: the original translation draft is thoroughly re-checked by its translator, then double-checked by a second translator and finally discussed with a native language expert in the concerned matter, for example with a doctor, a lawyer, a technician... This type of translation requires a large amount of time and great care and is designed for high level professional use.
  5. Literary translation: the most sophisticated translation type is the literary translation. It aims at rendering even the most complicated original text in a way that transports not only the essence of a text, but also its finest nuances, connotations and metaphors into the target language. Moreover, it can even take into account special requirements such as rhyme or rhythm; let's say of a poem or an opera libretto. Not every translator, even though possessing a university degree, is capable of producing literary translations, as they require not only translational skills, but also highly developed literary talent - a feature that you have or don't have, but that you cannot learn. With International Translators, literary translations are exclusively executed by native language translators with a strong inclination for literature and the heart of a poet. Be it a love poem, a novel or a libretto: our literary translators are ready to face any challenge and to provide you with high-level translations of literary texts.

The price of a translation largely depends upon the type of translation you wish to order. While translation drafts can be ordered at a relatively low cost, the more refined types of translation require more time and effort and do hence need a larger monetary investment too. You will find indicative prices for every translation type in the price list available on our website. Additionally, the International Translators team will be glad to provide you with a concrete translation offer including pricing details for your individual translation. To get a quote for your personal translation, please send us an email to , specifying the exact requirements of your translation.

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