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About International Translators

translations from English and to EnglishInternational Translators is an international network of professional translators operated by the Austria based translation and tourism office City Tours Europe. Relying upon a large network of freelance translators across Europe, we provide translation service for various language combinations including translations from most european languages to English and from English to many languages as well as bi-directional translations between foreign languages.

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Contact information / Coordonnées / Kontaktdaten

International Translators
c/o City Tours GmbH
Neustiftgasse 53/2
A-1070 Vienna
Fon: +43 1 966 02 61

Prices for translations by International Translators

The prices which apply to translations ordered with International Translators depend upon various factors, especially:

  1. Length of the translation: usually, we calculate prices for our translation to and from any language according to a line-based scheme. However, if a text to be translated should be shorter than 50 standard lines (i.e. 50 x 55 = 2.750 characters including empty spaces), we charge a minimum price for the translation. This is necessary due to the fact that every booking, regardless of its length, requires some administrative work, the cost of which could not be covered by a line-based price calculation in the case of very short texts. On the other hand, we do offer price reductions for translations of large amounts of texts.
  2. Language combination: depending upon the language of the original text and the desired target language, different prices may apply. We try to keep all our translation prices within a close and affordable range, but as prices for translations do - as any other prices - depend upon demand and offer, translations to and from "rare" languages (e.g. Finnish, Lithuanian, Estonian,...) cannot be offered at the same price as translations between "popular" languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, German or French.
  3. Translation type: considering the fact that not every type of translation requires the same amount of work, we offer different prices for the five translation types we propose. Logically, a "translation draft" is available at a lower price than a "standard translation", while both "technical translation" and "literary translation" have higher prices than a "standard translation".
  4. Urgency of translation: the price of a translation ordered with International Translators does also depend on the urgency. Normally, we deliver all our translations within a timeframe of roughly 14 days. Should you need your translation quicker, or even immediately, special "express translation" prices shall apply. On the other hand, we can offer you a price reduction in case you give us more time than usual.


Price list of International Translators

Prices for translations ordered with International Translators shall be calculated based upon the following price list. Please keep in mind that this price list is merely indicative, and that the final price of your individual translation might differ from the prices given in this list. The only binding price calculation for any translation is the one given on your booking form.

Translation price list 2010

(prices per line of 55 characters, not including VAT)
Please note that this price list is merely indicative, for orientation purposes only. The actual price of your translation may vary according to the urgency of the translation, the difficulty of the text and the specific language combination. You will receive our offer for your translation including a binding price calculation after having sent us all required information to . We are looking forward to your request and will gladly advise you!
translation type low urgency
(no time limit)
normal urgency
(within 14 days)
express translation
(within 48 hours)
translation draft XX,XX XX,XX XX,XX
standard translation XX,XX XX,XX XX,XX
double-checked translation XX,XX XX,XX XX,XX
technical translation XX,XX XX,XX XX,XX
literary translation XX,XX XX,XX XX,XX


Get an individual quote for a translation

Should you have questions about our translation prices or should you wish a personal offer for a translation, please contact us at . We will gladly provide you with a detailed offer including pricing information. The team of International Translators is looking forward to your message and will readily answer any questions about translations, prices for translations and ordering procedures.

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