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About International Translators

translations from English and to EnglishInternational Translators is an international network of professional translators operated by the Austria based translation and tourism office City Tours Europe. Relying upon a large network of freelance translators across Europe, we provide translation service for various language combinations including translations from most european languages to English and from English to many languages as well as bi-directional translations between foreign languages.

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Contact information

International Translators
c/o City Tours GmbH
Neustiftgasse 53/2
A-1070 Vienna
Fon: +43 1 966 02 61

How to work with International Translators

Are you a professional translator interested in joining the International Translators team? If so, we would be glad to read from you and to get to know you. Please send us an email to , including the following details and documents:

  1. your complete CV including information about your professional career, special interests, language combination and work experience,
  2. a photo of yours that is not older than six months,
  3. your business address and contact details (postal address, phone number, email),
  4. if possible, examples of translations you have already made,
  5. a short essay about yourself, detailing why you have become a translator and what is your attitude towards customers, colleagues and translation work.

Once you have provided us with these details and documents, one of our staff members will get in touch with you within the shortest possible delay. As we consider it important to know all our translators personally, he or she might propose you a personal encounter with one of our team members and representatives close to your place. Also, we will provide you with information about the details of a possible co-operation with International Translators (means of communication, payment and other important agreements).

If you are still interested in working with International Translators, and if we do also want to work with you, we will then send you our co-operation agreement, a short contract specifying the mutual rights and duties. Once both parties have signed this document, we will gladly add you to our translator pool and you will start receiving translation requests.

Please note that a co-operation with International Translators is possible only on a freelance base, and that on the other hand we don't ask you for exclusivity: you will always keep the right to work with whoever you like, and you are not obliged to accept any translation proposition if your agenda is tight or if you feel that you are not the right translator for a certain text.

We aim to provide professional translators with an additional source of income, and customers with a way to easily contact native language translators all across Europe. We don't want to interfere with established structures and associations or establish any kind of monopoly. Any co-operation with International Translators is voluntary, maintains your status as an independent professional and can be ended from both sides anytime.

Still interested in working with International Translators?

Then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and write us to - we are looking forward to your message!


Interships with International Translators

International Translators is a multi-national, voluntary co-operation between independent translators from all across Europe. Most of our translators work at home or from their offices in their respective home countries. However, we do have an administrative centre that is responsible for customer care and accountancy, and that does also distribute the translations ordered with International Translators to our translator pool. This head office and administrative centre is located in Vienna, Austria, and some of our translators are also working from there.

We do offer translation students the possibility to get to know our office, our way of working and our business structure during voluntary interships at our translation office in Vienna, ranging from three weeks to six months. If you decide to join us for an intership, you will be placed under the personal supervision of a professional translator, assigned individual tasks and introduced to the particularities of translation business through the Internet on an international scale.

Interships with International Translators are not remunerated; however we do offer our trainees the possibility of a free lodging in Vienna, right next to the city centre and directly above our office.

If you are interested in becoming a translation trainee with International Translators, please send us your CV (with photo!), a letter of motivation and information about the period you would like to join us to . We are looking forward to reading from you!

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