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translations from English and to EnglishInternational Translators is an international network of professional translators operated by the Austria based translation and tourism office City Tours Europe. Relying upon a large network of freelance translators across Europe, we provide translation service for various language combinations including translations from most european languages to English and from English to many languages as well as bi-directional translations between foreign languages.

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Laura Smigelski: French / German / English / Dutch

translator Laura Smigelski

Laura was born at the end of the 80's in the north of France. The story of her family begins in Poland and Russia, and she always yearned for a journey to these countries. She spent her childhood in the north of France and as a child, she developed a passion for gymnastics and dance, two sports she practiced for many years. She began to learn German in primary school, a language she particularly appreciated. Later on, she also started learning English. From then on, she understood that she wanted to work with foreign languages. Furthermore, her many travels through Europe increased that interest.

Against all expectations, she obtained a Baccalaureate in science and not in literature. After that, she decided to learn medicine. But that path did not correspond to her aspirations and she missed literature. This is how she naturally decided to learn literature and languages. This is also how she began her translation studies in German, English and Dutch.

Laura Smigelski is member of the International Translators team ever since her traineeship at the translation department of City Tours Vienna. During her internship, Laura particularly specialized in the translation of websites and marketing oriented texts from German to French, from English to French, from French to English and from German to English.

Laura Smigelski's professional qualifications

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To order a translation by Laura Smigelski or another of our professional translators, please write us to . In order to enable us to prepare you an individual quote for your translation as fast as possible, we kindly ask you to have a look at our ordering information. Of course, we are ready to answer any questions about our translation service personally!

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